A Trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama

Back Story: for this year’s spring break my family and I decided to take a trip down to Gulf Shores, Alabama! I knew it was going to be a fun trip from the start, but I didn’t realize just how much I was going to love this place! Keep reading if you want to learn all about my vacation: what I did and where I loved to go!

Food, Food, Food, and More Food!

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There are so many great places to eat in and around Gulf Shores, Alabama! My top three  favorite places to grab lunch or dinner was Lulu’s, The Gulf, or the Flora-Bama Yacht Club.

The Gulf was a great place to go because it’s right on the water, you get large portions, and since it’s all outside, they have firepits and lounge seating.

The Flora-Bama Yacht club had some of the best fish tacos I’ve ever had. Also, what was so great about this location, besides half of it being in Alabama and the other half being in Florida, was that it was right on the water. LITERALLY. Our table was on the sand! I also recommend you go to Flora-Bama for any fun, music, or night life activities. Keep in mind, Flora-Bama is family friendly, but only up until 6pm. After that time, you need to be 18 years or older.

Finally, one of my favorite places to go to was The Yard Milkshake Bar. The ice cream was a little pricey. For the two milkshakes pictured in the slideshow above, we paid about $13 for each. However, the small is all you need since it’s so rich and you practically get two desserts! They have all kinds of different ice cream there for cheaper prices, but I highly recommend the specialty milkshakes that come in the mason jars (which you get to keep by the way).

“The Breakers” in Orange Beach, Alabama

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Orange Beach, Alabama, is technically where my family and I stayed. We rented out a condo at “The Breakers”, and I’d recommend it to everyone that wants to take a trip here! The condo we were in was super affordable at the time (his prices change throughout the year depending on the time of year and how busy tourism is), it was clean, and spacious. The condos are also right on the water, the end of the beach it’s on is private (so no crowds), and the way the building is set up allows for every condo to have an ocean view. The beach was also extremely clean! Workers were out cleaning up the beach every single day!

Fun Activities

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One of the first places my family and I went to was Alligator Alley, which ended up being so much fun! Tickets are super cheap and you can buy alligator food (basically protein pellets) to give to the gators! They have the alligators sectioned off according to age, so you get to see the alligators at different points in their lifetime. I even got to hold a two year old alligator (pictured above) and it felt so much different than I thought it would! The little guy was so soft! The swamp sanctuary even offers an elevated boardwalk over the swamp area, so you get to see the larger gators close up and in their natural habitat. Overall, I was very impressed with Alligator Alley. Their staff is nice and informative, and the adult gators have tons of room to move around, and the swamp is a very close simulation of being in the actual wild!

One of my least favorite places we went to on this trip was Dauphin Island. Now this is a place I would NOT recommend. In order to get there from where we were staying (Orange Beach, Alabama) we either had to take a two hour car ride or get on a ferry boat for 45 minutes. Naturally, we chose the ferry. However, what we didn’t know is that at this time of the year the ferry company was only utilizing their smaller boat which supported only about 16-18 cars. So, long story short, we had to wait two hours for an open spot on the ferry and then wait the additional 45 minutes to get to the actual island. The whole reason we were going to Dauphin Island is because we heard about a cool Estuarium they had. Well, it wasn’t at all like we expected. Don’t get me wrong, this place was very informational. However it’s in need of some renovation and it’s very, very small. The tickets were rather pricey for what little experience we received. I did enjoy seeing the new octopus they put in and petting the sting rays, but over all the exhibits weren’t very impressive or exciting.

The final activity I will mention is the dolphin cruise I went on. It was so much fun! The entire experience was about two hours long, and we got to see plenty of dolphins. The boat we went on was very nice, and the crew members played music and offered all kinds of food! The captain was very informative not only about the Gulf and the dolphins, but also about the Gulf Shores community. We got to see all types of famous people’s homes and learn about how Gulf Shores came to be so well known.

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All in all, going to Gulf Shores, Alabama, was one of my favorite trips I’ve ever been on! I think I prefer it even more than Michigan or Florida! My family enjoyed our stay here so much that we plan on returning for Christmas/ New Years or maybe even next year’s spring break!

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