Worship Wednesday: Faith Is Not The Absence of Doubt

Doubt, especially when reading the Bible, is something that is negatively viewed in the Christian community. However, I feel it’s important to share that doubt is a normal part of life. Not very many people share that just because you have faith doesn’t mean you won’t doubt things. And even more importantly, just because you have doubts doesn’t mean your faith is in danger!

Having questions and struggling with things you read in the Bible is healthy and normal. If you don’t doubt the power of the Bible, then you aren’t reading it close enough. It’s so hard for us to wrap our heads around the idea that there can be someone, God, who fully knows, loves, and cares no matter what. Especially when we live in such a busy world, full of so many earthly distractions, it’s sometimes hard to believe that such a close connection is even possible.  So, when you begin to doubt things in your life, don’t panic. Instead, turn to God. I feel this especially important to touch on at the start of a new year.  Everyone is setting up their goals knowing there’s a possibility they won’t stick with them. Personally, it’s my goal to grow closer to God than I ever have before! What are your goals this year? Comment down below and remember:

Faith is not the absence of doubt; Faith is the means to overcome it and fight it with the word of God.

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